نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

the final destination


This is another site of mine as medical student where I will share any health information in which I find useful to others. This is actually my first time of using the wordpress as I like to explore the features provided by it.

Even today i’m still feeling like i’m in a dream or in a limbo state. Still difficult to realise that my journey as a student is coming to an end. But still I’ve got to continue the learning process as learning will not stop till the day we die.

When the last digit of the year is increasing, I start to realise what a rapidly moving time that we are having these days. The rate of the clock movement all over the world is the same for this year and last 50 years. No difference at all. Still day by day the time changes rapidly without any mercy to the human being.

Now, going through the final year requires a lot of effort and passion to succeed until the end. Seriously it is going to be a hectic year IF early preparation is not done properly. Knowledge is as important as the clinical skills to manage the patients.

Basics. The basic things should be at the tip of your tongue as if you want to spit it out.

And for this year, Medicine, Surgery, Obstetric & Gynaecology, Paediatric and Orthopaedic are the subjects to be completed before holding the Dr. title. It is going to be tough but unless we try, we cannot assess our performance.

That’s all for now.


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