نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Truth

Despite the hectic life, a medical practitioner still enjoy the luxurious life which comes in return. A big house and a nice car are the 2 indicators usually found to show the comfortable life that they have. The question is, do all the medical professionals always have the above 2 features ? Is it compulsory to own both of them ?

Although most of the medical officer live a wealthy life, it is not always the same case when he/she is in the operation theatre (OT). In the OT, they are still a poor person. Not to mention poor from the financial aspect, but it is ‘poor’ from the physical appearance. The attire that should be worn in OT is very simple, just like what patient wears.

From my observation, the surgeon’s image during operation is just simple even though they are facing a difficult situation. They are dealing with the patient’s life which is very important as it is their responsibilty to make it a success. They have to make a wise decision on where to cut, what to do next and how to minimise the bleeding to prevent the shock.

This is what we call the equality among the human-being. This is what I feel and what I can see. The surgeon is ‘poor’ during the critical and crucial period during operation where they have to rely on their knowledge plus confident in every action taken. This is just another opinion of mine. Maybe other people have different thought.

The most important thing is, if we  really wanna have an expensive house in the future, make sure that we deserved for it. How ? Get the knowledge as much as possible so that we have both internal and external richness. It is totally of no use if we are the wealthiest person in the world but internally, our knowledge is ZERO. So disappointing to be frank.

So, let’s work from now to realise that dream. Let’s work efficiently to maximise the capacity of our brain to absorb new knowledge and make it lasts longer in our life.


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