نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

On the verge of death

To be born into this world is something that we should be grateful of. We are the chosen one from the thousands of possible ‘candidate’ who struggle into existence.

Several changes occur to our mother both physically and physiologically. These indicate our presence in their life which is truly awaited by our parent. If it is the first child in the family, the parent will provide maximum care to ensure the health of the baby and the mother (not that the subsequent pregnancy is less cared, it is just a precaution as the first experience is a new thing for newlywed woman)

It requires a strong motivation to have an extra weight and to maintain it for as long as 9 months and 7 days approximately. With great patience, pregnant woman has the required strength to endure the difficulties patiently just to ensure the safe survival of the her baby. I’m curious to know whether the strongest man could ever do the same till the end.

When it is approaching the expected date of delivery (EDD), the pregnant woman should be alert that by the time, it is possible for the labour to occur at anytime. They must adjust their state of mind so that they know how to react during the labour process. The woman must be told to push with each uterine contraction to make it easy to deliver.

People say that during labour, it is on the verge of death for the mother. So, be kind to our mother if they are still alive at anytime and whenever they need us as without their sacrifice, we cannot be here in this world. Seriously.

A continuous scream of pain is just enough to tell us how painful it is during the labour process. A case of delivery of which I witnessed previously was quite suspense as the mother seemed to be tired during the effort of bearing down. A male doctor had to give fundal pressure to assist the maternal effort. Fundal pressure is applied to the fundus of the uterus which synchronize with the uterine contraction. The tip of the fingers or thumb should not be used as otherwise this causes localized pressure and complications may arise later on.

After the first trial, they stopped for a while and asked for preparation of vacuum extraction just in case the delivery of the baby take a longer time than expected.

The woman appeared to be very tired and weak.

She was asked to bear down again while the male doctor gave fundal pressure at the same time. Crowning appeared and the baby’s head came out slowly. The other female doctor stabilize the head of the baby and tried to pull the baby out so that delivery of the shoulders and the trunk took place. (when she was pulling the baby’s head, I was worried if the head might be separated from the body. But that was avoidable as she used appropriate technique for pulling out the baby.)

The umbilical cord was clamped then. After 2 clamps were applied, the cord was cut in between. The baby was handed to the pediatrician for resuscitation and assessment of the condition of the neonate (newly born baby).

Lastly, as for final procedure, the wound of the labour must be stitched as mediolateral episiotomy was done to the mother. This was another painful scene as the anesthetic drug was not given. Stitches by stitches, the mother groaned in pain and called out “doctor..doctor..” Maybe this is the part where a heartless person is needed. For the suturing of skin layer, local anesthetic was given.

The baby is good in health and finally succeed in surviving into this temporary world. By looking at her baby, all of the suffering beforehand seem to be erased from her memory, only the feeling of enjoyment was there to be expressed. After long hours of battle and challenges, a new life is born. Such phenomenon shows us how amazing and magnificent God’s creation is.

p/s : episiotomy = a deliberate incision of the perineum during labour to widen the introitus.


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