نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Exam-oriented or lifetime-preserved ?

The essence of learning about the health or the diseases is related to improve the health status in the community. We cannot deny that a healthy person is better, although lead a simple life is better than those who is richer but diagnosed with terminal stage of colon cancer..

Health is everything to us, it cannot be compared with the money. No one can buy the exact same eye which is given to him/her at the very first place. Even the donor’s eye is not as perfect as the original eye of the recipient.

Those who are studying medicine always meet the patient either in the ward or elsewhere in the hospital. We are having plenty of time to deal with the human-being. We could observe different personality of the patient according to the diseases.

One of my senior once said to me, that the medical student (or doctor in the future) should be the one who has strong faith to God. It should be that way, not the other way around. I admit the authenticity of his saying and started to think over it.


How to prove it ?

Well, we have the chance to see what other person cannot see. It is not that we have the sixth sense to scan the people. Medical student can observe the inside of the body,like the organ, the arteries, the nerve and the veins which is rarely seen unless someone is abnormal or not well.

We can see the heart movement during operation. We can touch the arteries or nerves during dissection. We learn how is the appearance of the vein by palpation. We can also see the real organ, its measurement and learn its physical characteristics.

All of the input, either by observation or by feeling it should create a question in our mind. “Who is the creator of all this amazing things in our body ?” The creator should be super smart enough to create something which is impossible for human-being to invent or even imagine.

Be it a Christian, a Jewish, a Muslim or any person who believe in God, it should be bear in mind that the proof of how super creative the God is, is reflected upon ourselves His creation. Do not search for other examples far away from ourselves.

The point is, to study the subjects not only for passing the exam, but as a way to reflect upon ourselves as a precious creation ever created by God. (“,)


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