نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Answered Prayer


It’s July already. Those past months are leaving us so fast and furious. Eh? It’s like yesterday I experienced the excitement of a new year, 2012. Now half of the year had already gone and cannot be rewinded or returned. I am not quite sure what I have achieved in the past 6 months, was it benefited me or just a waste of time. Hopefully it is the good one as I don’t wanna be a loser who doesn’t appreciate the time given by God.

Once during the paediatric posting, one of my senior doctors said that, if we cure the younger people like babies or children, they are going to pray for us. Adults also do pray, but their pray or supplication is special and genuine which comes from the bottom of the heart. Yes, I do agree with him and started thinking deep down.

The babies or child have done nothing bad in their life. They know nothing about the world. They only enjoy playing and playing and running here and there. It is said that they have a joyful life, nothing to worry about. All the time they smile and laugh. When they need something, they cry or ask for it until they satisfy.

They are considered as ‘white piece of clothes’. They have a pure heart. If they give something, they truly meant it. If they wanna do something, they do it with a warm heart. How good it is!

That is why, when they do pray, we could see how pure their intention is. Even the most frightening adult can be touched by their words or action. As they pray honestly and consciously, there is no doubt their pray are answered by God. This is why the doctor said that these children will pray for us, not a simple and typical pray but an extraordinary one which is answered by the Almighty God.

Who doesn’t want it?

In this merciless world, true peace is demanded all over the world.

Hopefully one day, the world can be a peaceful place to live in, as peaceful as the life of the children which is full of enjoyment. =)


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