نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS



An old male patient, around 50 years of age came to the hospital with chief complaint of swelling at the back of the neck. Then we discussed the case with the senior doctor.

I was asked by the doctor to describe the swelling on inspection. So only by looking I had to tell what was the swelling looked like. Inspection is the first step in the local examination of any cases in the ward.

After describing the swelling, this and that, I stuck in the middle. My batchmate helped me by saying something like this, “Cold abscess” slowly but to my hearing, I interprete it as different word.

“Collapse…?” I said with slight confident because I was also not pretty sure about it.

Then the doctor reacted in different way, wondering with my answer. “What? What collapse?”

After she repeatedly saying “cold abscess” to me, only then I knew what was the appropriate word.

“Cold abscess!”

All my batchmate started to laugh mannerly and smiled with each other. The environment was quite relaxed.

Moral of the story : Do more study so that we can answer the questions confidently, without misinterpretation of the words. (“,)


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