نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Day The Child Becomes Adult

It is approaching the end of the year where the holiday season starts. The schoolchildren are the most happiest when it comes to holiday as they can rest at home from the daily routine at school.

Still they are given ‘plenty of souvenir’ by the teachers, in the form of homework and exercises. No excuses at all.

There are 2 big things, or occasions you can say, which is always take place during holiday.

The first one is marriage. This is commonly found whenever there is public holiday. It is during this time people can spare time to attend the Big Day of the couple.

Secondly, circumcision of the younger children. It is practised among the Muslim and Jewish community all over the world. There is a history behind this practice, where some considered it to be a dangerous thing to do.

Literally, we can say that circumcision is nothing but the circumferential excision of the prepucial skin (foreskin of the penis). It is conducted as a religious ritual, or carried out if someone has phimosis. Usually, this procedure is done during childhood, around 6 to 11 years of age. Still, it has no limitation of age to be conducted.

It is advised to do circumcision when the child is still a baby.  According to a doctor of whom I met with, he said that the chance of having infection is less. Thus, the recovery from the injury is faster. It requires a great confidence to do the procedure for the baby.

Let’s have a brief look at the history of circumcision which dates back thousand of years before. It started when Prophet Abraham was instructed to do circumcision when he is 80 years old. This shows the importance of circumcision as a way of purification by God. Muslim people follow the tradition which is left by Prophet Abraham long time ago. I am not quite sure the basis of this practice among Jewish followers.

In the Bible, there are verses which state the act of circumcision as a perpetual pact with God :

a ) “He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money (your slaves), MUST needs be circumcised and my covenant should be in your flesh for an EVERLASTING covenant.” GENESIS 17:13.

b) The uncircumcised to be “CUT OFF” (to be killed). GENESIS 17:14.


The Reason

Why circumcision is important? Well, it is related with the hygienity and the prevention of diseases. During micturition, the foreskin tends to become dirty by the urine. So the ablution before the prayer does not occur which affects the prayer itself. As there is some urine at the foreskin, there is tendency for accumulation of the urine and infection may occur. Sexually transmitted diseases are more prone to occur in uncircumcised person.


Circumcision can be carried out traditionally or by modern techniques at the clinic or hospital. People still opted for traditional way due to its cheaper rate. Modern techniques on the other hand, ensures the faster healing of the injury.

The Acceptance

Nowadays, circumcision is practised among non-Muslim also. Circumcision is advised by the doctor at my university when the patient complains of penile problem like phimosis. Furthermore, Chinese also prefer this procedure as they feel so clean after micturition.

Whatever the decision, parents hold responsibility of their children’s future. There are so many choices to be made as to make the day to day life more blessed.


Note : Phimosis = narrowing of the opening of the foreskin. This predisposes to inflammation which results in further narrowing.


Reference :

1. Manipal Manual of Surgery.

2. Oxford Medical Dictionary Eighth Edition.


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