نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

A New Episode of Life

A new life has just begun. It promises lots of new friendship, a strong cooperation and a feeling of appreciating human’s life. All Praises be to Allah, as with His Blessings, I am given the chances to practise what I’ve learnt during internship programme. It is a new experience for me myself to see and learn many basic and important things in the ward. I have been posted in the Paediatrics department. As I am a week late, I have to study more with my friends who had gone through the posting. I am looking forward to prepare my mental and physical so that I can gain more knowledge in the department. Today is my first day, in maternity ward. I had been assisted by a friend of mine on what to do during the posting. I enjoy it very much. The postgraduate students are also helpful and willing to share the knowledge with us without hesitation. All the staff, nurses are also tolerant and friendly. I got the chance to see the Down’s Syndrome baby in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Besides that, I learned how to take the blood sample from the baby. For the first attempt, it was a heart-pounding situation. Haha. Later on, the next try is easier and I manage to be calm and doing the procedure better than the previous one. The key point in doing any procedure is to be calm and relax. Do not get in a hurry position. If the baby cries, ignore it and keep doing your work of taking their blood. (Still feeling pity, but we have no choice dear baby).. The other job is to fill the form of delivery and discharge summary. We have to carry out the instructions given by the PG students. So, your attitude with them is very important. We have to respect them as they have more experience and knowledge compared to us, internist. Hmmm.. I think I’ll end here. I have to be prepared for tomorrow because we do not know what awaits us in the future. May Allah eases our work wherever we are. May our intention is correct so that He will give us His help and guidance. (“,) Till then. Sayounara… P/s: First on-call begins tomorrow. Curious2..


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