نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The missed baby..

Right now I’m enjoying my work in paediatrics department. Although it was horrible for the first time, I manage to learn something at the end of the day.

Patience. That is a crucial value for every doctors.

To be scolded. To be asked to do something which is supposed to be other’s task. To be humiliated. To be instructed to go here and there.

That is the reality of a doctor’s life.

To counter any guilt feeling or tension of working, one should recall back what is his/her intention of studying medicine at the first place. Only then we get the inspiration to serve the society honestly.

I am working at the paediatrics ward currently. There are less works here compared to those in maternity ward. But still I can learn how they prescribe the medication to the patient. What is the common drugs used for commonly found symptoms.

Maternity ward previously:


These babies are waiting for blood sampling. No mercy at all..haha


The collected blood sample ready for investigation.


Bilirubinometer to check for bilirubin level in jaundice patient. Costs around 1.5 lakhs. About RM 7,800!

Here in paediatrics ward, many things can be learnt. It’s up to us. Whether we want to search for the knowledge, or do nothing.

Just a short update for this time. Let’s the pictures speak for me.



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