نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Concept of Mutualism

It is an amazing experience to see the delivery of the baby in the labour room. The situation is heart-pounding and full of nervousness. I think every child has to be there when their mother is going to deliver the baby, so that they know the hardship mothers have gone through and be respectful to them in all aspect of the life.

Labour room has been a union place between 2 departments, OBG as well as Paediatrics department. Prior to delivery, a paediatrician is called to be ready in the room. He has the resposibility to give resuscitation to the newborn babies and assess the babies condition. The obstetrician do their work of delivering the baby as fast as possible. This aims to prevent any stress or occurrence of birth asphyxia to the baby.

Next, the baby is ‘delivered’ to the paediatrician for next task ; resuscitation of the baby. This involves the procedure of oral and nasal suction, cleaning the baby and cutting of umbilical cord as well as observation of presence of 2 arteries and 1 vein. After that, birth weight is measured to rule out if the baby has low birth weight.

I remembered one time in the labour room with the PG student. He said that, the crying of the baby is a good sign. It is a sign of life. In addition he said, “If they are not crying, we cry..” haha. What a nice line from him.

If let say the baby is not crying, something is not good. Stimulation has to be done. Doctors have to work faster to avoid any major problems. One of the vital solution is to do mechanical intubation to the newborn. This is to provide good airway for the respiration to take place. If there is no improvement, the baby has to be taken to NICU as soon as possible.

Really, we have to work with each other in this world. Mutualism, that is the value that we should practise. Even in all religion also, cooperation is one of the good value which is emphasized to produce a better society. Nowadays, do you think our society around us is the best one? If not, how should we tackle the problem? Me myself and you all have more work to do in creating a peaceful environment which is safe and promise a healthier life generation to generation.


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