نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

“I slipped in the bathroom sir..”


It had been 9 days of ortho posting. How time changes very fast every day without we realized about it. I had been missing my days in paeds previously. Not just because of the cute patients there. There is something else that keep me remembering the department. Eventhough the days in paeds department sometimes require much patience due to the behaviour of the patient, when we see their smile, all of the pressure and hardship and horrible things just went off far away from our life.

Kids do everything from the bottom of their life. They are genuine in expression of the feelings. Most of the time, their attitude is so heart-touching do to the purities of their heart from evil and bad thoughts.

Right now, I’m working in orthopaedics department with 4 other friends. The five of us have to cooperate and keep syncing with each other as we are small in number. The tasks in this branch are not that difficult and it is easily manageable.

I really enjoy working in ortho because in my opinion, it is one of the interesting branch in medical field. Still, so many things and topics have to be mastered before you are entitled as an orthopaedist.

The routine work here starts with morning round in the morning (of course la..). After that, OPD (Out-Patient Department) time! Yeah. During this session, we have to fill the drug slip which is to be given to the patient. X-ray form also has to be completed if the patient need to do x-ray. X-ray is a compulsory investigation here in ortho. Every history of fall or slipping should be further investigated by x-ray. See how much important the technology is.

Besides that, if the doctor is carrying out few tests, we can learn and practise it also. It is said that learning by skills can increase our long-term memory. It is pretty true indeed. By doing things, we know how to do it properly next time.

Apart from that, we also learn how to apply/change the dressing. Dressing is really important to assist wound healing. A good and proper dressing may prevent the introduction of bacteria to the patient. I enjoy doing dressing very much as I have the opportunity to talk to the patient. I may ask them what problems do they have, how they got the problems.

Usually I asked about their background, where they live and so on. This is, for me, an efficient method to allay their fear of meeting the doctors. When we have a small talk, patient feel calm and safe, and they will cooperate well with us. The doctor-patient relationship is an important aspect that all doctors should be paying more attention into it. It should be developed and trained for both benefits.

When they are relax and in peaceful state of mind, the task would be easier to be accomplished.

In previous posting, I dealt with the babies and children. In the current posting, children and adults come for treatment. So it is totally different kind of patients and different approach is needed for the treatment.

I am quite excited to know what is waiting for me tomorrow onwards. What challenges are waiting in the list. I still have more things to learn here in ortho. The senior are also good and helpful. This is also another attraction to be in the department.

Hmm..let’s finish it off. See ya next time… =)


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