نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Ortho and fracture is like unidentical twin you know!

Ortho and fracture are interrelated with each other. Where there is fracture case, orthopaedist opinion should be consulted. It is an interesting branch as, it involves various tests during clinical examination of the patient.

Fracture is defined briefly as the discontinuity of the bone in the body. If the  fracture is left untreated, complications may occur and bring harm to the patient.

The fracture site, after reduction, dressing is applied there. Dressing helps in immobilisation of the limb and assist in the healing process of the fracture.

The dressing of the patient should be changed regularly to see if there is any improvement of the wound healing. Slough should be removed to improve healing process. It is a very important procedure to give good care of the wound site, so that no infection exists. If let say infection persists, the healing process may take a longer time. Thus, patient has to be admitted and cannot be discharged for progress monitoring.

Pain is always there in any fracture cases. During ward round in the morning, some of the patients are advised to do light exercises as part of their physiotherapy to train muscle movement. Any cast or slab which is applied over the limbs, may restrict the movement and usage of the muscle. That’s why, a little bit of exercises everyday should be done to ascertain the muscle’s mobility. And here comes the groan in pain by the patient when particular movement is applied to the limbs. Even we who witness them shouting in pain feel the burden as if we are in the same situation. The patients themselves must have endured extra burden compared to us.

Treating the adult differs from treating the child as in paeds posting previously. The child cannot tell you history completely but the adult can. There are particular skills required in treating the child. Patience is very important. In adult case, patience is also needed as some of the patient are in older age group and the instructions should be as clear as crystal.

I feel that, this whole ortho posting is so interesting. There are so much thing to be learnt. From the removal of dressing, the application of new one and many more things till prescribing of the medication, it is full of rapid and precise skills and knowledge. When we are doing it everyday, we can maximize our effort and treat many more patients.

If we do it gently and nicely, for sure the patient will feel secure and safe. Maybe next time onwards, they know to which physician they have to consult.

p/s : Reminiscing the past memory in paeds especially NICU. Am going to visit them once in a while. =)


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