نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS


Peace. It is really needed nowadays when human being lost their conscience and start making troubles to the world. Every religion in this world demand and urge for a peaceful environment for us to live within it. It is very important to have a peace state of mind, in order to rule a better life.

How do we create peace? Which method is to be applied?

Well, from my own opinion, frankly, I think the most important thing to do is to get to know each other. No matter from which background are you, from which sect or group you belong to, from different races you are born to, each of us should learn to appreciate and to respect others. By this way, all the misunderstanding can be proven wrong and the relation can be improved. Then, peace may prevail one day.

I still memorised my previous duty in paediatric ward. Although it is full of pressure, I met many amazing and superb people there who dedicate themselves in treating the young ones. They helped and taught me a lot without any hesitation. We are of different races and religion. Still, it is not a barrier for us to get to know each other well. All of us are the same. What differentiate us, is how good we use our God-gifted brain to manage our entire day. If we are not able to think wisely, we are far lower than the animals.

Whenever I bump into those person on the way out, they always greet me and we would have a little chat. Just wanna know the latest update, how well are they currently and so on. Seriously, the friendship that we made, is so valuable and no money can buy and replace it. It lasts forever till we die and left this world. The memory of working with those great people will remain in my memory my whole life. This will happen when our ‘heart’ is connected with each other. It knows no boundaries. The feeling cannot be explained, but it can be experienced.

Sometimes, I feel that they are like my mother, my brother and my sister. It’s like a big family. In a family, there should be more seeds of love. That generates what we called as peace.

That is the beauty of friendship. We cannot live on our own. If we spread the love among us, for sure bad thoughts and jealousy will go away and peace come into picture and bring harmony in the society.. (“,)


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