نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

A Brief Note regarding Wisdom Tooth

Hello my fellow readers. Whazzup? Wie geht es Ihnen? Hope everything’s fine and under our control whatever challenges that we confront day to day.

Do you know that part of our complete set of teeth are called as wisdom teeth? Some of us may know this fact already while some do not know. These wisdom teeth refer to the 4 third molars which usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25.  This wisdom tooth appears so late where one may not notice its presence and just ignore it.

What is the significance of this wisdom tooth? How important is it in our daily veg or non-veg habit?

Well, we can consider this tooth as vestigial in its function. It means that, this tooth serves limited function or none at all when we grow up and becoming adult. As long as second molar tooth is there, extraction of this wisdom tooth is considered as normal when certain conditions favour the extraction rather than to preserve it.

I happened to ask my dentist a long time ago, would it be okay to remove the wisdom tooth. Would my wisdom affected? She smiled a bit and told me not to worry. Only then I realized that ‘wisdom’ is being refered to the age group when there is eruption of this type of teeth. So don’t fear too much when the dentist advises for extraction of the third molar as it is for our own sake.

Why should the wisdom teeth removed? Can we preserve it? I don’t wanna lose the perfect, complete set of 32 teeth…

Then, start taking care of your teeth. After every meal, brush your teeth regularly. Do gurgling with mouth wash also if you have time. This is kinda look like easy steps to be practised but few of us just do it lightly and not continuously.

Many problems may arise and lead to extraction. One of them is caries of the teeth. Regular and excessive intake of sugar-containing food like chocolates and sweets is main contributing factor for caries formation. Once caries reaches the pulp cavity, restoration cannot be done and extraction is the best choice.

Others are impaction of the wisdom tooth, where the tooth is impacted and does not erupt fully. In very few cases, the tooth is in horizontal impaction and may compress the second molar tooth. This results in pain of the second molar where one could be mistaken in telling the complaint to the dentist. X-ray may confirm whether there is impaction or not. If impaction presents, then extraction is advised to the patient.

For extraction, it is quite difficult and energy-consuming procedure as the tooth may be so strong to be removed in such a way that it requires cutting the tooth into few pieces before extracting it. Sounds scary right? haha.. That’s what was being done to me 2 years back when the tooth seems so ‘stubborn’ to leave the socket. Keep calm and do not be so nervous. Once surgery is finished, you will be so relieved. =)

I hope this piece of knowledge and information may help somebody or whoever out there having same kind of problem. When we have the symptoms of pain or feeling uncomfortable, do not hesitate to go to the clinics. Let’s deal with it. Let’s face it for our good cause. To have a peaceful life is so important. The key is in our hands. Just decide which one is the best for us. (“,)


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