نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Best Remedy to Patient~

Halo frenz. How ya doing? How do you spent your weekend? May all of you get enough rest from all the hectic life of working and studying during weekdays.

Yesterday I came across a status on facebook which stated that the effective placebo for a patient is the doctor’s smile from the bottom of the heart. It feels like being in heaven during the treatment with such kind of doctor.

It’s totally true. Their smile is like a motivation and remedy during healing process. When a doctor smile when he/she is treating you, plus he is handsome or she is absolutely beautiful, for sure the patient gets an inspiration to fight the diseases.

Imagine an old man come for treatment at the hospital, and the doctors there throw their tantrum to that patient. Will he be willing to come again for treatment? Will he follow the doctor’s order for taking the medication? And most importantly, will he be cured?

Diseases also have their psychological etiology. If the mind is set to fight the illness, it can be cured easily. Psychology and mindset play important role for our health. The key point here is, be optimistic and think positively. When we think positively, we would generate good energy and the body’s defence mechanism is activated to combat the infection.



They are my nieces. Cute right?
~2012’s eid~


That’s why, a good doctor should treat the patient as if they are treating their relatives. Give a pure smile to the patient to make sure they can tolerate doctor’s advice appropriately. Only then, patient’s compliance increases and chances of recovery from the ailment will be higher.

When the patients come for the treatment, I will try as best as possible to smile upon giving them the drug prescription or explaining about the medication prescribed. It is also one of the indirect therapy to alleviate their suffering.

The other way, is by putting ourselves in their shoes. Only then, we will know how much hardship they endured day by day. Only then, we will be automatically switched to smile mode as we know, it is one of the best therapy to motivate the patient and improve their health.

So from today and from this hour, let’s practise this awesome habit. But beware, there is one precaution to be taken care of. Do not smile on our own without patients around you. This will trigger a perception among friends that you are CRAZY! haha..

So, till then..adios! chao! =)


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