نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Kay Tras Ahe, A Starter of A Conversation


It has been a while my dear visitors out there since I last updated this blog. It is not that I am so busy right now. The short posting rotation gives me an ample time to be in resting mode for a long time such that I kinda forgot to update this blog. I am truly sorry for that.

It is true that when we are in the comfort zone, we tend to be more relax and ignore our routine job which is assigned for us in the first place. For example, when the final examination is still far away, we care less about our study which is our top priority as a student. We do very less revision and just enjoying the life with no concern to open the book. Instead, we spend most of our time for faceBook, a different version of book.

Today is the second day of dermatology posting of the last short posting. The environment here is very good as this department is in a new and comfortable building. Plus, working here is so less pressure compared to other department before this.

I just finished the ophthalmology rotation previously. It was quite a tiring and busy department other than paediatric and orthopaedic. I learned so much during this posting where I managed to empower the Marathi vocabulary. I also got the chance to do some of the procedure here which is very important for future references.

In ophthal department, we interns had to take the history of the patient by ourselves. On the first day, I was taught by the seniors on how to ask the patient’s chief complaints and anything else which was related to the symptoms. Few days later, we had to be independent to ask the history by our own effort without their help. It was an awkward moment for me as I am a foreigner here, but with practices, I managed to handle the situation well.


Even it is tough for the first time, we should try our best, shouldn't we?

Even it is tough for the first time, we should try our best, shouldn’t we?


Most of the times, patients talked so much when we were asking short questions. It was normal because they wanted to express what was happening to them. What was the problems that they were having. They poured it all so that their burden may be relieved and reduced.

Among the works in the ophthalmology department including :

1. History taking –> interesting as I can increase the knowledge about the language.

2. Near and distant vision assessment –> to check the severity, extent of the vision.

3. Auto refractometry –> using a machine to check the spherical error, the cylindrical error as well as the axis.

4. Sac syringing –> to check the patency of the lacrimal sac.

5. Measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) –> to rule out glaucoma and other diseases.


After every try, we get the confidence for every mistake that we correct. Practise makes perfect.

After every try, we get the confidence for every mistake that we correct. Practise makes perfect.


We should be grateful if we can see without spectacles as vision aids. The eye is the biggest and the most important organ for us. Without this, we cannot see the beauty of the earth and the sky. We cannot enjoy the colours of life without the vision. The eye, even it is small, it plays a very gross role in our life.

In the OPD clinics, there were many cases of eye problems which affects young as well as older people. Particular eye problems affect the older while some of them only found in younger age group.

In the next posting, I will share with you the common eye problems here in India. I believe different countries may have different problems and different solution to overcome the challenges.

Till then. Have a good care of the eye ok.. =)



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