نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

We Are Leaving This Temporary Life

Halo.. Good day to everyone..

Every food items that we buy in the supermarket would have its own expiry date. This is important to tell us for how long that items can be used by us. Exceeding the date, it is advised to avoid using those items or we could be having health problems later on.

Just imagine if we human being have the expiry date also. How do people live in this world upon knowing their time on earth is up to certain particular date. Then maybe we are going to have peace all over the world.

The people, the fortunate one, who realise their purpose of life must be doing all good deeds as they know they are going to be judged by God. They know that they are leaving soon.

But we don’t know exactly when is our last day in this world. ‘Expiry date’ of us are not shown and published for us. Doctors also cannot tell you for how long you can live exactly. They just give prediction on how long you may survive and it is not totally accurate at all.

Have you watched the movie In Time?

If we have limited time to live in this dunya (world), just see what will happen. Everyone feels so scared to death, to experience the death itself. Why? Because this temporary life provides everything to their own benefits, although we know that all of them are not lasting forever. Indeed we are still forgetting the fact that we are leaving this world one day.

So my dear friends, let’s think further about how and where we would end up in, let say 10 years from now. The future event is something that we cannot predict by our limited capabilities. So we should have our end in mind, what are we going to be years later, by planning it from now, from this moment. If we know our expiry date, then the task could be easier.

The problem is, we do not have the knowledge as till when are we living this temporary life which is soooo challenging for us. So let’s sit for a while and do some reflections as how many good deeds have we done till now which serves as a way for other people to change also and make the world a safer place to live in.


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