نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS


The Best Remedy for Doctors.

”If we are having free time, we should spend it wisely. Do not delay to do things that we already plan at the first place. Otherwise we do nothing at all..”

In the previous 3 or 4 posts, I did mentioned that a doctor’s smile is one of the best remedy to the patient. It is something that motivates patient, and cure them indirectly. Agreed? Good. 🙂

Well, in this post I would like to share what is the best remedy for the doctors to help and motivate them to serve the patient better although they are facing a tough and busy lifestyle. This post is just my point of view as to how we may help and cheer up their hectic day and night in the hospital.

The very first cure to a doctor, is when he/she is given a sincere smile from the patient after the treatment. I still remembered my rotation in paediatrics ward, when there are so many ‘little angels’ in the ward. All of them have a pure heart and sincere in their action. Sometimes, they smiled at me from the bottom of their heart and that small action really makes my day. They cannot talk properly. So their facial expression shows how they communicate with us. It’s like all our troubles fly away, all the burden and tiredness are reduced when they smile at us. Truly it is my dear readers.

There was a pneumonia patient of about 3 years old. A girl. During the initial treatment, she cried a lot. Always. Maybe she scared of those white-coat people. Then, after more than a week, she improved a bit and get used to us. When I smiled to her, she replied the same to me. You can say that it’s a two way communication. I felt happy and relieved. I wonder what is the feeling with my own daughter in the future.

Sometimes, the baby smiled spontaneously during sleep. A sweet dream, perhaps. And we ended up so joyful to see that baby.

Another ‘medication’ which is simple and realistic, is when the patient say, ”Thank you..” after the consultation. It is so simple and free of charge. The short phrases may enlighten doctors’ day where they feel that their works are very much appreciated. They do not ask for a Samsung Galaxy S4 after they treat you. And they do not demand a MacBook Pro to be given as the reward. All they care is just an appreciation. That’s more than enough, and more motivational indeed.

Me myself also feel so enthusiastic when the patient thanks us after particular treatment or advice regarding their health. It is not that compulsory. It’s just a common sense, and the effect of those 2 words, could stimulate the doctors to give their best service to their patient regardless of the race or religion.

As a result, there exists a mutualistic understanding and relationship between doctors and patients. How? Whenever and wherever they serve as ‘a painkiller, a sedative’ to each other, this bonding occurs.

How amazing this situation in our life. Don’t you think the same thing? (“,)


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