نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Of Schizophrenia~

We should be grateful of the healthy life that we have right now. We can enjoy eating the food that we desire and we can sleep so nicely on the bed without so much trouble.

The minute our health status deteriorates, we are facing another episodes of life. Diseases or health problems are just a test to see if we can manage it with patience and strong will to fight the diseases.

There are many patients in the hospital who have to control their diet due to diseases, especially diabetic patient. And there also exists few patients who cannot sleep properly. One of the reason, a common one, is that they are the victims of insomnia. The other one which affects sleep pattern is schizophrenia.

What is that actually? Well my fellow friends, it is a psychological disease where the patient is having delusion and cannot differentiate between real life and the fake one. They cannot distinguish between what is reality and what is not.

Have you seen the movie A Beautiful Mind? It is a true story about a genius who got the Nobel Prize for his contribution in economy. He was also a schizophrenic. Wherever he went, he always saw few persons who is not exist at all. It is portrayed by his mind, his beautiful mind.

There was a male patient in the medicine ward once upon a time. He always walked from one place to another in the ward. He stayed there for few minutes, then he walked again to another section of the ward. Sometimes he went to the toilet and then came back to the bed. He did the same routine continuously from time to time.

I wonder how did he slept at night. Or he didn’t sleep at all? Only God knows. =(

It is so pitiful to witness someone who experienced the psychology disorder. Eventhough there are cure for the problems, it sure requires so much patience and the duration of the treatment is also longer. But there are still hope and ways to solve the problems.

In every minutes of our healthy life, let’s use it wisely so that there won’t be any regrets afterwards when we are inflicted with chronic diseases. While there are so many free time, let’s do it now! 🙂


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