نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

“It Has Been A Looong Time”

Hi everyone! How ya doing? Hopefully the life is treating you all very well. No matter how difficult this life that we are living in, we should go through it and find the solution for the problems which arise day by day.

Well, I’m sorry for the very late update of this site, almost 2 months without any notice. Trying to write something actually, but me myself keep postponing the entry to be posted. That is so not coool for us seriously. The habit to postpone our work is a very bad one and may destroy our progress.

Previously, I was in the medicine posting which is one of the major posting of 2 months duration. It is an interesting and challenging branch for postgraduate as well as undergraduate Ievel. I enjoyed this posting very much and learned a lot also during my duty there. It is a hectic plus busy posting so far compared to other posting. STill, it is an interesting branch if you love challenges and hardwork.

We have 3 rotations for every unit. Each unit is responsible for the ward, the ICU and the OPD. We have to rotate among these 3 divisions according to particular day. OPD is quite relax as the working hours are fixed but, if there are new admissions, plenty of works are waiting for us in the ward,

Medicine posting does not related to any operation in the OT like the surgery posting. Although we do not carry out any surgery, there are few procedures to be done in the ward as well as in the ICU.

During my first day in this department, I felt so excited to experience new things and new environment in my life. From my batchmates’ story, we can learn so many things if we are interested enough. So I really hoped that I can grab this chances and do well during my duty there.

On the first day, I learned how to put the Foley’s catheter when my senior asked me to practise it. As it was my first try, she was there to assist me putting the catheter. The patient was a male patient in his 20s, who suffered from the diabetes mellitus type 1. He had to inject the insulin after taking his meals. From what I heard, he misunderstood the doctor’s advice, skipping one of the injection and this increases his blood sugar level. He also got hearing problem. I felt pity for him as in the younger age, he was tested with the problems.

The patient had atonic bladder, could be due to the complication of the diabetes. We palpated his abdomen and it was bloating with urine. Due to the condition, the bladder loses its normal tone while the patient cannot urinate in a perfect manner. So the urine acumulate in the bladder. The Foley’s catheter will assist the micturition process and the patient may feel comfortable after that. Just imagine if he cannot urinate at all. How troublesome it is.

In the female ward on the other hand, the senior taught me how to do the lumbar puncture. The patient, in her 20s also, complained of severe headache. They suspect it could be meningitis, so CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) sample had to be taken. It requires palpation and patience as well.

Medicine is an interesting branch in the sense that detailed diagnosis has to be made. From a simple symptom like fever or headache, there are a bunch of differential diagnosis to be ruled out. So various investigation has to be carried out. Blood test, urine test, x-ray, ECG. These tests are compulsory for any patient who is admitted.

The history taking should be precise and informative. When we hear about such symptoms, what are the possible diagnosis that can be justified. It requires a very wide knowledge in the first place. How are we going to treat the fever if we don’t know various causes of fever?

This posting needs a hardworking person. This duty doesn’t need an intelligent-but-lazy buddy, it prefer someone who is willing to read the books and care for the patient as their own family members. That’s all. Otherwise, we cannot survive in this challenging and competitive field.



2 important stuffs in the ICU


What is that? I’ll tell you in the next chapter, eh, sorry2..in the next post.

Till then..adiosa!


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