نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

How’re you, oh my precious brain?


One of the important aspect of our health lies on the mental health. Yes, it should not be neglected so easily when the symptoms appear to be of ‘not a big deal’ from our perspective. The first symptom to appear, eventhough it is not so serious, it may give a clue to what is happening to the patient.

When I was in psychiatry posting 2 weeks ago, I met many patients in the out-patient department (OPD), who experienced many kind of emotional problems, mostly depression. This kind of problems, we can say, act as silent killer in their life. Most of the patient wouldn’t tell how sad they are, or anything related to emotion. They simply tell about somatic symptoms, like pain in the abdomen or headache while the major culprit lies in their mindset.

This proves how important emotional quotient (EQ) is, despite the intelligence quotient (IQ). The mental status should also be cared, as this decide whether the patient may have a happy life or not.

Depression brings a lot of trouble to the patient. They may refuse to talk openly to others. They will spend more time in their room. And, the most dangerous and alarming situation, is when they have suicidal tendency when they are alone. This should be taken seriously.

Negative thoughts are like a bottle of poison to depressive patients. When they are not supported by relatives, the progress of their health may worsen.

That’s why, family support is one of the vital element in curing the patients, be it of psychiatric disorder, cancer, or any diseases. This support, plus patient’s mindset to fight the diseases are very much encouraging to give a better prognosis of the health.

Before I end here, please note that our mental status is as important as the money in our bank.hehe Without rational thinking, we could fall into so many psychiatry problems that may haunt us if left untreated.

K, bye. Have a nice day!


Be Happy!

Be Happy!
-my younger brother with my niece-

p/s : Just have a good rest during post-call period. Am so relieved.

I’m going back to hospital with a fresh supply of energy. Let’s give the best!


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