نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

sweet memories last forever

Hi my fellow readers..

Today is the last day of my medical posting. The 2 months duration of this posting is kinda super duper fast for me. Next week I’ll be in surgery posting for the next 2 months.

During these past months, I’ve learnt so much and gained quite valuable experiences on how to manage the patient of the common diseases of all region in the world. At least I got the rough idea what is the procedure to be done, and how to react in particular emergency cases.

The seniors are kind enough to teach us, eventhough their life are more hectic and troublesome than ours.

As for today, I attended a neurophysician OPD, which takes place once per week. I should not let go of this chance as I am going to other department after this. So I made the decision to stay with him, who appear to be among the best neurophysician in Maharashtra state. Who doesn’t want that rite? This is a golden and shining opportunity for me.

As usual, his OPD ended pretty late in the evening. But it is worth till the end I tell you what. The knowledge of his plus the wisdom accompanying his thought are superb! Seriously speaking.

I felt satisfied to end the posting with such valuable experiences.

Ok, got to go now. I have a journey waiting for me. Got to prepare as this is quite a long journey. Have a program to attend tomorrow.

Bye..have a nice weekend. =)


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