نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Last Eid in Karad

We should realise that we are just a traveller in this temporary world. One day, we will leave this world and all of the money, the status are useless by that time. When our time has come, it cannot be delayed neither any seconds nor any minutes. Even the best doctor can do nothing to prolong our life. Even the most effective medication is also of no use during that critical period.

Being a traveller during the last journey, I learned that we should make enough preparation to face any possibilities ahead of us. It could be anything from zero to 1000. From nothing to something which can give mild headache to us if we are not able to overcome the problems.

A long journey is so tiring to be frank. This is a general idea that we all know for sure. But, when we sacrifice our time and just go with the flow, it is worth an experience, it doesn’t matter how many times you lost your sweat as in return we got the satisfaction. Life is a dull one without any challenges. Rightio?

Last Wednesday was the festival of Eidul-Adha, the second major festival celebrated by Muslims all around the world. We went to pray at a big field near the city. There were lots of people all over Karad joining the mass prayer. It was such an enjoyable moment for us, to meet the local people and mingle with them, wishing them happiness and asking about their health.


~On the way to the big field~


Luckily, my juniors were not having any paper on that day. So, they managed to spend the time for that morning prayer at the big field where called it as Eidghah.


That morning after Eid prayer~

~That morning after Eid prayer~


This Eidul-Adha festival is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices made by Prophet Ishmael towards his father, Prophet Ibraheem. Prophet Ibrahim was asked by Allah to slaughter his son as a proof of obedience to Him. Prophet Ishmael, upon hearing the news, agreed and obeyed the order for the sake of Allah.

This celebration of Eidul-Adha is meant to remember the sacrifices made by Prophet Ibrahim and his family. How they follow God’s command without questioning and excuses.

The slaughtering of the animals took place for 3 days in a closed area. Many came to witness how the animals were slaughtered. It was an interesting and memorable experience for me as I managed to take part in the slaughtering process. How sweet that kind of experience you know.

Just for your information, the Islamic method of slaughtering has its own wisdom in it. I don’t know about how other religion slaughter the animals for food. In Islamic teaching, we Muslims are taught to slaughter the animals in such a way to minimise the pain of the cut.

The first and important rule, is to avoid sharpening of the knife in front, yes literally in front of the animals. Just imagine if they hear the sound of the knife being sharpened, plus the shining reflection of that knife catch their attention. How terrible is that. =(

The use of sharp instrument is vital to make the slaughtering process as fast as possible so that pain can be minimised. The windpipe, throat and 2 jugular veins have to be cut simultaneously before we lift up the knife.

What is the virtue behind this?

1. When the veins are cut, the blood is drained out of the body. This can prevent any contamination of the meat with the bacteria which assure the cleanliness of the meat.

2. The draining of blood out of the body causes decreased supply of oxygen to the brain. Thus animals are in a state of hypoxia. They appear to struggle a lot as if they are in pain but actually they are gasping for air. The pain is absent as the blood does not reach the nerve for its normal function.

3. As the windpipe is cut, the supply of oxygen to the brain diminishes. A state of hypoxia (less supply of oxygen) takes part.

These may justify that those who practise that kind of slaughtering method get many benefits from the food that they prepare. Why? Because the initial steps of preparing the meat is handled in the best and the most hygienic way.

I’m pretty sure, other religions also taught its followers the same principle. The food we eat shape our body, our mind and our health. We are what we eat remember?

For example, the Jews are preparing their meal using Kosher standard, where the meat or anything they eat should be prepared in a Kosher way. This ensures the cleanliness and safety of the food or delicacies.

Before I end it here, I would like us to give much attention on the food we eat. Some are very delicious but may cause troubles in the future if taken excessively. Some of them should be taken everyday but we just ignore the importance of that type.

So, be safe before it is too late ok.




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