نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Surgery : An Epilogue

It is such a relief when the land of Karad was blessed with the rain after a long time. Now is the season of change here. Oppss sorry..it’s supposed to be winter where the raining should stop by this time around. Maybe it is a bonus thing when the rain comes by even only for a short period. The cool breeze that accompanies the rain itself is something that is so valuable and bring peace to our mind.

Currently I’m in surgery department after the busy life of the medical posting. Here in the new department, it is full of chances to do some work which looks as easy as ABC and have no big differences like the previous posting. The task of changing the dressing of the wound is so damn important as far as healing is concerned. It looks quite simple, but should not be taken for granted as a whole.

Everyday we have to change the dressing. New solution has to be applied on the wound/ulcer site. The dead tissues have to be removed day by day, This improves the healing of the ulcer marked by the healthy granulation tissues found at the ulcer site.

I have to stop here now. Wanna write a lot of stories actually. Maybe next time around ok?

See ya!





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