نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The First Interesting Surgery

Halo readers! How’s your day?

Less than 2 months are remaining before the new year begins. How fast the time travels day by day, months by months. Time is so valuable in our life. There is an Arabic quote that says, “The time is like a sword. If you are not using it properly to cut, it will kill you..”

How the time plays a major role in our daily life.

The time is also a crucial part in every surgery, be it minor or major surgery. Each of them has different duration of surgery depending upon the extent of the diseases and the condition of the patient.

The first operation that I attended was interesting enough for me to appreciate the advancement of technology in medicinal ground. It was a laparoscopic appendicectomy. Some say appendectomy. Different pronounciation but have the same meaning.

For your information, any -ectomy suffix does mean “the surgical removal of….”. So in this case, it means the surgical removal of the appendix.

Laparoscopy is a technique of examination of the abdomen by means of an instrument called as a laparoscope. This instrument, comprises with a camera, is passed through a small incision in the abdominal wall to visualise the abdominal cavity.

What are the advantages? It ensures a minimal scar to the patient postoperatively. The wound can also heals faster as only smaller incision is made.

So I observed the surgery excitedly as this is the first surgery that I witnessed after quite a long time. I was stunned by their skills of handling the instruments as careful as possible. The chief surgeon was a consultant who already had many experiences. It was not a big deal for him I guess.

All of us have the appendix which is a vestigial organ. Its function has diminished and it remains as a rudimentary organ per se. Removing this organ has no major effects to our health.

This surgery is a bit challenging as the appendix is small in size. Sometimes, the surgeon cannot hold it properly as it slips away. He had to search again and grabbed the appendix more tightly. If the appendix slips after it was cut, just imagine how could one possibly explore the entire cavity to search for it. How troublesome could the result be.

After about an hour, the operation finished already. The punctured site, 3 sites precisely were cleaned and packed with clean pad. It was a successful yet tiring surgery for a starter like me. After that, my interest in surgical field keep increasing. =)

Eventhough appendectomy is considered as a basic surgery, it should not be taken for granted. Few surgeon can finish it within half an hour, few maybe take more than that.

It all depends on how is the condition of the patient. Is there any complication together with the major problem (appendicitis in this case) ?

Should complication arises, laparoscopy is not done. An open method is used instead of it. The complication has to be reduced. There could be adhesion around the appendix. Collection may be there also. So it’s not always by laparoscopic approach to operate the patient although it is a modern technique.

I hope all of us get a clear idea about this health problem. All of us have the tendency to experience such diseases like appendicitis. This smaller organ has a huge impact to our body. Everything created by the God, be it as small as the virus has its significant role where we human has very little knowledge about them. (“,)


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