نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The Miracles of Diazepam…

Hye peeps…

Tomorrow onwards, I will be joining the last posting of this internship, which is obstetrics and gynecology (O&G). The last and final one. Another 2 more months to go. Yeahh!

It feels so good to know the fact that you will be freed soon..haha..(as if wé were imprisoned this whole time).

Eventhough it is à joyous moment, I feel sad also to leave this land which had taught me how to survive in this challenging world.

Okay. Wé will discuss about it later.

Recently, I finished à crucial posting for all of the surgery to be carried out. And the winner is, Anastasia Pavlovyednet..


Sorry, got à little bit confused. It’s Anaesthesia posting. Anaesthesiology is à specialty branch of medicine which deals with the préparation of the patient who is posted for surgery.

The anaesthesiologist is responsible for the maintenance of adequate anaesthesia during the surgery.

They have to know the drugs to be used well enough so that the surgery goes smoothly.

They also have to care for the patient even after the surgery. How? I will tell you later in other post.

Generally, the task of anaesthesiologist looks as easy as making the tea or coffee. It is, until you have seen how they performed their tasks.

It is still à challenging branch for me, but quite interesting.

In every surgery, there MUST be anaesthesiologists to take care of the ‘painless’ situation of the surgery. Am I clear here?

Having observed their work for about two weeks, there is à mutual relations between Anaesthesiology and other surgical branches, be it Surgery, OBG, Ortho, or Ophthal department.

There exists the concept of helping each other for both parties’ benefits.

The anaesthetist does their job while the operating surgeon can focus on his task after the patient doesn’t feel any pain afterwards.

How awesome is that!

Both of them know their rôle and everything went smoothly.

During the posting, I learned so many things from the senior. It was such à good expérience to be à fake anaesthetist, in a sense that I only observe how they did their job.

Even from seeing also, wé can learn so much. Wé will remember more if wé practise doing it.

Till then, let other posts tell how is the working environment in the operation theatre..

Have à pleasant Sunday to all of you.. =)


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