نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

In The Labour Room

A hospital is equipped with facilities to make sure that people get the best and safe treatment there. If emergency cases happen, it can be managed appropriately. At least, complications that may arise can be prevented and the prognosis of the patient will be better.

If a pregnant woman choose to deliver her baby at home, I think it is an unwise decision when there is none of any medical personnel accompanying the mother-to-be at home. It is a scary situation when only “so-called obstetrician” who barely know about the labour process and the possible risks, act like they have the expertise for years already.

Even for me myself, I feel that this delivery thing is not as simple as withdrawing someone’s blood, it requires a lot of practices as it involves 2 precious lives : the mother’s as well as the baby’s.

After weeks of this OBG posting, I think I enjoyed the work in the ward so much. There are plenty of things to do, although it was just an observation. Eventhough initially I felt a bit lazy, going through it with your colleagues who also have the same enthusiasm may boost your energy and motivate you.

As time passes, I got the chance to assist a normal delivery on my own. I mean full assistant. We were witnessing a delivery in the labour room (suturing of the episiotomy wound was remaining) that morning, when suddenly 2 pregnant women were transferred into the labour room. The environment became so tense. Everybody was shouting.

I looked at my friend beside me, signalling whether we should change or what. He also didn’t have any idea. We were in shocked actually..haha.. Then we decided that we must get prepared at once as we had to assist the senior doctor.

I went to the basin and washed my hand. At the same time, I glanced towards one of the patient who was pushing to her limit. The head of the baby already came out! I could see the face of the baby. One of our senior hold the baby’s head and pull him out. Then, she handed the newborn to the paediatrician. One patient settled already.

After preparing myself, I stayed beside the senior who was waiting to deliver the next baby. Episiotomy was done after few minutes of waiting. The mother was asked to bear down, when finally the baby was delivered safely. I clamped the umbilical cord and cut it. And what makes my day was that I became full assisstant for that delivery. How awesome is that! It was such a heart-pounding experience to deal with the newborn. But it is worth an experience.

To see the baby being born to this world, is a great moment. When the mother was shown their baby, they must be the happiest person in the labour room. They smiled and felt relieved after so much hardship beforehand.

We should be thankful to our parents who raised us all this while till we became what we are now. One thing that all of us can do is, keep praying for their health wherever we are, and whoever we are. That is the proof that we are still remembering them in our life.

Peace.. (“,)


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