نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Tough years, job ahead

Hye, what’s up everyone?

I’m sorry for a long silence since my last update here. It had been a long vacation for me before I start the job in the hospital soon.

It’s like a dream comes true when finally I’ll become one of the worker in the civil service sector. It is not a college life anymore. This is a real test for me to work and deal with people which has 1001 kind of attitude.

What I’ve shared here before this concerning my routine work in the hospital in Karad during my internship year, was still not enough to tell you all the complete job of a junior doctor. I think, it is around 20% only from the total workload available.

But still, we learned a lot during the period as we can attend the ward round and see seniors doing procedures in the ward. Learning is a continuous process lifelong right?

I’m not that perfect eventhough I knew how to perform some basic procedures, like in the previous posts. I still need to practise everyday to get the experience and bring no harm to the patient. Have the knowledge is one thing. Got the nerve to apply it is one different thing also.

Attitude, that is the important value that we as medical practitioner should take good care of. These days, one who is brilliant and genius and whatsoever, is not respected if his/her attitude is zero or negative. That was said by one of my senior. What the people care today is an excellent attitude and relationship with other people.

This profession requires someone who are willing to work diligently as a teamwork. We cannot work alone and say that I’m superior than him or her. Everyone should help and support each other. That’s why, to gain respect, respect others first.

I really hope that I can do better as this is the job that I really enjoy doing it. The real challenge is starting soon. I’ve to prepare both physical and mental as tough years are waiting for me ahead…


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