نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

Pavlova is very delicious, but….

Hye readers!

It was so scary to see so many patients having diabetes and hypertension in the clinic or any health institution nowadays. Both are the most common diseases which prevail around the globe.

It is a world problem actually, which affects so many people in the community. The root cause of this worrying phenomenon, is from the u unhealthy lifestyle years and years ago.

The main cause of this comes from the bad eating habit as if we can afford all of it. We choose to consume most of the food and dessert and all without any restriction. This is so not advisable as far as our health concerns

The most scariest part is even younger people, let say in his/her 30s, are also affected by both diseases. This is a warning for us to re-evaluate ourself and make the wise call for the sake of our future.

It is very sad to hear that some of the patients need to be amputated due to uncontrolled diabetes. Then, days after that, someone was telling us Mr. C got admitted due to acute attack of stroke. I wonder how their relatives would react upon these shocking news.

That’s why, we have to start taking care of ourselves from now on. We should change our lifestyle to a better one. Our eating habit also must be changed as it is a major cause of diseases.

We can prevent it to happen. We muat do it. If and only if, we wanna live for a longer period of time.


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