نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS

The last craniectomy

Hi friends. Whazzup? Hope everything’s well..

Already finished with my 2nd posting, the surgical posting..next stop will be obstetric and gynaecology, if God permits.

Surgery is an interesting speciality as we deals with something that we can see in front of us. Be it a mass or a swelling, mostly it is related to surgical part.

I did enjoy working in the operation theatre (OT) very much. Usually, the rotation will be for 2 weeks only, but I asked for another extra week and it was granted by my chief. Thanks my friend.

Working in OT is quite a thrilling experience. We had to standby for any emergency cases that were going to be done. The first thing I did when I entered the OT is to check the pink slips, which had details regarding any emergency operation for the day. This is the suspense part..haha

It depends on your luck, whether you will be quite free or you will be busily occupied with operations. Sometime, we can rest a bit before next op to be done.

If, let say, there is a neurosurgical case booked on that day, for example a craniectomy (surgical removal of parts of the scalp), then I had to be mentally and physically prepared. Why? As the op is a risky one, and it usually takes much longer time to finish.

During these days, there are lots of neurosurgical cases pushed to ot. And most of them, are due to MVA (motor vehicle accident). I think all of you can guess already why it is so frequent.

Yep, the accident is happening almost everyday. Most of the time, it involves the head and the brain which causes poor GCS score (a score to assess the consciousness level) as a result of the accident.

Accident happens, as a result of the gross number of vehicle on the road (maybe), and also could be caused by human error also. Once it already happened, the outcome is always saddening.

I can say that, in 2 days, there will always be op to open the skull and remove the blood clot inside. Upon opening the skull and revealing the brain, it is already edematous, swelled like there is something occupying the brain. =(

That’s why my friend, we should be extra cautious when we are travellling by any means of transportation.

Till then..



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