نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS


Salam and hello to all.

Hope everyone are in the best of health.

After completing housemanship, my next placement would be in Sarawak. I was quite shocked at first, considering I will be working in a state far away from my hometown. I still don’t know what is the atmosphere there, how about the local people there. I had to fly across the South China Sea to get there.

I made an appeal for that. Whether my appeal will be accepted or not, I leave it to Allah. At least I try to do something. Fortunately, my appeal was granted and I was placed in a state nearer to my home. I was so happy and relieved. I thought that they would reject it considering my status..haha

The journey to my new hospital takes about 40 minutes only. I still have to go early to avoid traffic jam, and also to familiarize with the new place.

I was hoping that I could join Paeds department, as few of my friends were there. I also enjoy working with babies and children. But, we can only plan, God is the best planner after all. I was offered to join the Obstetric and Gynaecology department. I experienced another shock on that day. I still cannot believe it, is it true? Why am I, not others? It never crossed my mind to be in such department.

Then, I realise about 1 thing, maybe this is a fate for me. I think, maybe I should give it a try. This speciality is also an interesting branch to explore. We can also learn about surgical skills related to it. Taking care of 2 lives is never easy, but it is really a satisfaction to see that both mother and her baby in the good condition. =)

Next time, I will share about the situation in the labour room. What is happening there and so on.

Till then.

Salam and have a nice weekend!


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