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Hi readers.


I hope all of you are enjoying what you are doing right now, as we need to work to earn for our living. There’s no such thing as sit down and doing nothing as long as we are fit enough to do something.

Back to labour room, there’s a story I would like to share. There’s a lady, primigravida, in early 20s, admitted to labour room as she was in labour due to increasing contraction pain and os was already 4cm.

Primigravida is the term used for a woman who is pregnant for the first time. That means, this is her first child. So, she doesn’t have any experience related to pregnancy and how to bear down etcetera.

As soon as she felt like bearing down, we encouraged the mother to do so. We tried our best to motivate the mother to bear down, as she had no experience before. She always gave up trying as she felt exhausted everytime she bear down.

We didn’t gave up easily. As long as she could delivered normally, we would try again and again to support her. If she went for Caesarean section, few measures had to be taken care post operatively. The safest mode of delivery is by normal delivery, provided that patient doesn’t have any underlying serious medical problem.

As time went by, it was almost 1 hour the lady was in 2nd stage of labour. We asked her to bear down in an appropriate manner, so that the baby could be delivered safely. She looked tired, and had no energy at all.

Decision had to be made. Whether should be normally, or by operation.

Came our senior officer in the room. She was so eager to deliver the baby via normal vaginal delivery. The head of the baby was already seen. What was remaining, the effort of the mother to bear down correctly.

Episiotomy was perfomed. Everybody taking turns to give fundal pressure, in order to assist the delivery. Time was running out. The baby must be delivered by hook or by crook. Otherwise, he/she would be in distress due to lack of oxygen.

After few times of trying, we managed to deliver the baby safely. But wait, the baby was not crying! Huh?

Moderate meconium was seen coming out together with the baby! The baby was born flat! Something has to be done.

The officer cut the umbilical cord and warned us not to stimulate the baby. We were suspecting that there could be meconium in the oral cavity. Aspiration of meconium should be avoided.

The baby was brought to the incubator and resuscitation was performed. Direct suction was done. SPO2 was checked to assess the concentration of oxygen in the body. Subcostal recession was observed and the baby was still not crying. The baby could be in respiratory distress.

Paediatric team reached the labour room. The baby was then intubated, and transferred to NICU. Closed monitoring of the baby must be done. We have to rule out possibility of meconium aspiration syndrome.

That’s one of few episodes in labour room, which requires immediate action as it is an emergency condition. The more we delay, the more problems the baby would have in the future.

It is never easy. Once occurred, everybody has to take part and help each other. The immediate action is very important.

Ok then. Till we meet again.



The Last Eid in Karad

We should realise that we are just a traveller in this temporary world. One day, we will leave this world and all of the money, the status are useless by that time. When our time has come, it cannot be delayed neither any seconds nor any minutes. Even the best doctor can do nothing to prolong our life. Even the most effective medication is also of no use during that critical period.

Being a traveller during the last journey, I learned that we should make enough preparation to face any possibilities ahead of us. It could be anything from zero to 1000. From nothing to something which can give mild headache to us if we are not able to overcome the problems.

A long journey is so tiring to be frank. This is a general idea that we all know for sure. But, when we sacrifice our time and just go with the flow, it is worth an experience, it doesn’t matter how many times you lost your sweat as in return we got the satisfaction. Life is a dull one without any challenges. Rightio?

Last Wednesday was the festival of Eidul-Adha, the second major festival celebrated by Muslims all around the world. We went to pray at a big field near the city. There were lots of people all over Karad joining the mass prayer. It was such an enjoyable moment for us, to meet the local people and mingle with them, wishing them happiness and asking about their health.


~On the way to the big field~


Luckily, my juniors were not having any paper on that day. So, they managed to spend the time for that morning prayer at the big field where called it as Eidghah.


That morning after Eid prayer~

~That morning after Eid prayer~


This Eidul-Adha festival is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices made by Prophet Ishmael towards his father, Prophet Ibraheem. Prophet Ibrahim was asked by Allah to slaughter his son as a proof of obedience to Him. Prophet Ishmael, upon hearing the news, agreed and obeyed the order for the sake of Allah.

This celebration of Eidul-Adha is meant to remember the sacrifices made by Prophet Ibrahim and his family. How they follow God’s command without questioning and excuses.

The slaughtering of the animals took place for 3 days in a closed area. Many came to witness how the animals were slaughtered. It was an interesting and memorable experience for me as I managed to take part in the slaughtering process. How sweet that kind of experience you know.

Just for your information, the Islamic method of slaughtering has its own wisdom in it. I don’t know about how other religion slaughter the animals for food. In Islamic teaching, we Muslims are taught to slaughter the animals in such a way to minimise the pain of the cut.

The first and important rule, is to avoid sharpening of the knife in front, yes literally in front of the animals. Just imagine if they hear the sound of the knife being sharpened, plus the shining reflection of that knife catch their attention. How terrible is that. =(

The use of sharp instrument is vital to make the slaughtering process as fast as possible so that pain can be minimised. The windpipe, throat and 2 jugular veins have to be cut simultaneously before we lift up the knife.

What is the virtue behind this?

1. When the veins are cut, the blood is drained out of the body. This can prevent any contamination of the meat with the bacteria which assure the cleanliness of the meat.

2. The draining of blood out of the body causes decreased supply of oxygen to the brain. Thus animals are in a state of hypoxia. They appear to struggle a lot as if they are in pain but actually they are gasping for air. The pain is absent as the blood does not reach the nerve for its normal function.

3. As the windpipe is cut, the supply of oxygen to the brain diminishes. A state of hypoxia (less supply of oxygen) takes part.

These may justify that those who practise that kind of slaughtering method get many benefits from the food that they prepare. Why? Because the initial steps of preparing the meat is handled in the best and the most hygienic way.

I’m pretty sure, other religions also taught its followers the same principle. The food we eat shape our body, our mind and our health. We are what we eat remember?

For example, the Jews are preparing their meal using Kosher standard, where the meat or anything they eat should be prepared in a Kosher way. This ensures the cleanliness and safety of the food or delicacies.

Before I end it here, I would like us to give much attention on the food we eat. Some are very delicious but may cause troubles in the future if taken excessively. Some of them should be taken everyday but we just ignore the importance of that type.

So, be safe before it is too late ok.



Time Flies So Fast


Halo there..

It has been a long time since I last posted here. It’s not that I don’t have enough time. Sometimes, when we have a lot of free time, we tend to delay the things that we already planned. And lastly, nothing is done at all.

Well, the fasting month of Ramadhan is about to end soon. How fast time flies. It’s like yesterday was the beginning of the fasting day.

Gotta spend the time wisely now.

Have a nice day friends!

p/s : Just reaching my beloved country yesterday night. Am waiting for the next flight home.

We Are Leaving This Temporary Life

Halo.. Good day to everyone..

Every food items that we buy in the supermarket would have its own expiry date. This is important to tell us for how long that items can be used by us. Exceeding the date, it is advised to avoid using those items or we could be having health problems later on.

Just imagine if we human being have the expiry date also. How do people live in this world upon knowing their time on earth is up to certain particular date. Then maybe we are going to have peace all over the world.

The people, the fortunate one, who realise their purpose of life must be doing all good deeds as they know they are going to be judged by God. They know that they are leaving soon.

But we don’t know exactly when is our last day in this world. ‘Expiry date’ of us are not shown and published for us. Doctors also cannot tell you for how long you can live exactly. They just give prediction on how long you may survive and it is not totally accurate at all.

Have you watched the movie In Time?

If we have limited time to live in this dunya (world), just see what will happen. Everyone feels so scared to death, to experience the death itself. Why? Because this temporary life provides everything to their own benefits, although we know that all of them are not lasting forever. Indeed we are still forgetting the fact that we are leaving this world one day.

So my dear friends, let’s think further about how and where we would end up in, let say 10 years from now. The future event is something that we cannot predict by our limited capabilities. So we should have our end in mind, what are we going to be years later, by planning it from now, from this moment. If we know our expiry date, then the task could be easier.

The problem is, we do not have the knowledge as till when are we living this temporary life which is soooo challenging for us. So let’s sit for a while and do some reflections as how many good deeds have we done till now which serves as a way for other people to change also and make the world a safer place to live in.

Action Barks Louder, Stimulate Other

The best remedy to the patient is a doctor’s smile from the bottom of the heart, as I shared in the previous post. A good doctor is the one that patient feels comfortable to deal with. It is not entirely depending upon how many knowledge and facts that determine the status of the brilliant doctor. Rather, the most important indicator is a GOOD ATTITUDE.

Whoever agree with me, please do vote for me in the upcoming General Election which is just around the corner..hehe..juz kidding ok..

Now, let’s think and reflect ourselves, in our daily life, are we showing a good character to others? Have we become a precious son and daughter, a valuable friends or an awesome worker?

Well3, well done if you can maintain a good attitude with the people around you. It is the most important value as people judge ourselves from our attitude and social behaviour. They want to see what we do rather than just talking and talking without less effort.

Action speaks louder than words. Remember?

Sweet memories last forever..

Sweet memories last forever..

A brilliant doctor or a good worker in every single field, need not to memorize all the stuffs in the book to excel in their life. They have to show a good attitude to their colleagues as well as to their juniors. It is an extra value for themselves which create and generate the feeling of trustworthy among them. As a consequence, there won’t exist any dispute or backbiting or misunderstanding among them also.

When we are given particular tasks to handle, we will be doing the tasks responsibly. Why? Because deep within ourselves, we realise that people put their trust on us.

They believe on us.

They have high hope on us.

They develop a strong faith that, in this world, everything is possible if we keep trying again and again.

That’s why, when we are given any job or task, we should be responsible to carry out those tasks.

Sometimes we may feel so exhausted and have little motivation to carry on this temporary life. But believe me, in every difficulties, there lies easiness. Initially it is so hard. Slowly we can adapt to that pressure situation and we can overcome the hardships and pressure from different angle of this life.

Attitude, a worth value that bears a ‘sweet fruit’. And that ‘sweet fruit’ may be beneficial to others around us where it binds us together, forming a harmonious community ever.

Let’s reflect ourselves, and pray that we can have a strong desire to change our attitude and habit dhire2 (slowly) as time flies.


The Best Remedy to Patient~

Halo frenz. How ya doing? How do you spent your weekend? May all of you get enough rest from all the hectic life of working and studying during weekdays.

Yesterday I came across a status on facebook which stated that the effective placebo for a patient is the doctor’s smile from the bottom of the heart. It feels like being in heaven during the treatment with such kind of doctor.

It’s totally true. Their smile is like a motivation and remedy during healing process. When a doctor smile when he/she is treating you, plus he is handsome or she is absolutely beautiful, for sure the patient gets an inspiration to fight the diseases.

Imagine an old man come for treatment at the hospital, and the doctors there throw their tantrum to that patient. Will he be willing to come again for treatment? Will he follow the doctor’s order for taking the medication? And most importantly, will he be cured?

Diseases also have their psychological etiology. If the mind is set to fight the illness, it can be cured easily. Psychology and mindset play important role for our health. The key point here is, be optimistic and think positively. When we think positively, we would generate good energy and the body’s defence mechanism is activated to combat the infection.



They are my nieces. Cute right?
~2012’s eid~


That’s why, a good doctor should treat the patient as if they are treating their relatives. Give a pure smile to the patient to make sure they can tolerate doctor’s advice appropriately. Only then, patient’s compliance increases and chances of recovery from the ailment will be higher.

When the patients come for the treatment, I will try as best as possible to smile upon giving them the drug prescription or explaining about the medication prescribed. It is also one of the indirect therapy to alleviate their suffering.

The other way, is by putting ourselves in their shoes. Only then, we will know how much hardship they endured day by day. Only then, we will be automatically switched to smile mode as we know, it is one of the best therapy to motivate the patient and improve their health.

So from today and from this hour, let’s practise this awesome habit. But beware, there is one precaution to be taken care of. Do not smile on our own without patients around you. This will trigger a perception among friends that you are CRAZY! haha..

So, till then..adios! chao! =)

We Are What We Eat


It is approaching half of the year. How fast the time travels, and how less time left for us to enjoy this temporary life. Year by year our age increases. That means we are going to be old one day, sooner or later. Some people are already in the middle age group although they are in their 20s.

Are you kidding me??

Nope. It’s because they are already hypertensives, obese, diabetics in those early and precious years. Something is wrong. Something needs to be done.

One of the respected ophthalmologist and motivator, Prof. Dr. Muhaya once said in her motivational talk that we should take care of what we eat. Avoid using the food seasoning like Ajinomoto when we are preparing the food. She also advised the restaurant owner and cooker out there to reduce or stop this kind of seasoning in their food. Sounds like impossible to practise as it rooted for a long long time and we cannot live without it.



Glucose is vital. But too much consumption may be fatal.

In addition, Dr. Muhaya herself told that if the older patient had diabetes and hypertension, just ask them what was their diet 10-15 years back. Only then we know who is the culprit in these problems.

By the way, did you know that World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April each year? Awesome, you know that already. So this year’s theme is high blood pressure or hypertension.

I did attended a conference last Sunday regarding the topic of  “Hypertension”. It is one of the serious problem in India besides the communicable diseases like tuberculosis. The presenter told that, as the country is changing to Western lifestyle, hypertension cases keep increasing every year.

Thus, it’s all about our diet and how we manage it properly to get the maximum nutrition required by the body.

Some of the important points including:

a) What to eat – emphasize more on fruits, vegetables, pulses, oats, reduce intake of oily food.

b) How much to eat – do not eat excessively, eat when we are hungry and stop before ‘full tank’.

c) How to eat – tranquility of mind while eating, no rushing, chew the food properly, swallow slowly.

d) Doing regular exercises – around 20-30 minutes per day.

e) Reduce salt intake.

f) Take good care of – diet, exercise, habit, attitude/thinking.

g) No smoking/ alcohol intake.


Generally, we have the knowledge regarding how to lead a healthy life. Sadly, we are lacking in practice. We are not practising the good habit properly and continuously. This is the main factor which retard our progress in maintaining a superb and healthy lifestyle.

What matters most is our desire to change our habit as well as our attitude. Yes it is very challenging and we faces so many temptation coming from all angles and sides. One question that we may ask ourselves is, in 25-30 years of time, which sort of life are we expecting. A harmonious life, or a life full of challenges. Let’s think about it for a while ok..