نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS



Salam and hello to all.

Hope everyone are in the best of health.

After completing housemanship, my next placement would be in Sarawak. I was quite shocked at first, considering I will be working in a state far away from my hometown. I still don’t know what is the atmosphere there, how about the local people there. I had to fly across the South China Sea to get there.

I made an appeal for that. Whether my appeal will be accepted or not, I leave it to Allah. At least I try to do something. Fortunately, my appeal was granted and I was placed in a state nearer to my home. I was so happy and relieved. I thought that they would reject it considering my status..haha

The journey to my new hospital takes about 40 minutes only. I still have to go early to avoid traffic jam, and also to familiarize with the new place.

I was hoping that I could join Paeds department, as few of my friends were there. I also enjoy working with babies and children. But, we can only plan, God is the best planner after all. I was offered to join the Obstetric and Gynaecology department. I experienced another shock on that day. I still cannot believe it, is it true? Why am I, not others? It never crossed my mind to be in such department.

Then, I realise about 1 thing, maybe this is a fate for me. I think, maybe I should give it a try. This speciality is also an interesting branch to explore. We can also learn about surgical skills related to it. Taking care of 2 lives is never easy, but it is really a satisfaction to see that both mother and her baby in the good condition. =)

Next time, I will share about the situation in the labour room. What is happening there and so on.

Till then.

Salam and have a nice weekend!


When we are young

It has been a long pause.

How are you readers out there? Hopefully all of us are blessed in what we are doing.

I’ve been working for more than a year roughly. It was a lot of ups and down through this journey.

A lot of patient, with various kind of diseases and attitude that I faced everyday. Each of them need moral support to live in this world.

What is the most important is, we should make full use of our health. Do everything when we are fit enough.
Do not delay till our skin wrinkles..

Have a nice day!

A year passed by

It has been a long time..

A year already working as a houseman. Going through ups and down..

Currently in medical posting.

Although I’m a senior poster now, what I can say about me myself,
My time management still sucks!


I really hate to say it..yet have to admit it.

I have to make some improvement..

Really have to..

The last craniectomy

Hi friends. Whazzup? Hope everything’s well..

Already finished with my 2nd posting, the surgical posting..next stop will be obstetric and gynaecology, if God permits.

Surgery is an interesting speciality as we deals with something that we can see in front of us. Be it a mass or a swelling, mostly it is related to surgical part.

I did enjoy working in the operation theatre (OT) very much. Usually, the rotation will be for 2 weeks only, but I asked for another extra week and it was granted by my chief. Thanks my friend.

Working in OT is quite a thrilling experience. We had to standby for any emergency cases that were going to be done. The first thing I did when I entered the OT is to check the pink slips, which had details regarding any emergency operation for the day. This is the suspense part..haha

It depends on your luck, whether you will be quite free or you will be busily occupied with operations. Sometime, we can rest a bit before next op to be done.

If, let say, there is a neurosurgical case booked on that day, for example a craniectomy (surgical removal of parts of the scalp), then I had to be mentally and physically prepared. Why? As the op is a risky one, and it usually takes much longer time to finish.

During these days, there are lots of neurosurgical cases pushed to ot. And most of them, are due to MVA (motor vehicle accident). I think all of you can guess already why it is so frequent.

Yep, the accident is happening almost everyday. Most of the time, it involves the head and the brain which causes poor GCS score (a score to assess the consciousness level) as a result of the accident.

Accident happens, as a result of the gross number of vehicle on the road (maybe), and also could be caused by human error also. Once it already happened, the outcome is always saddening.

I can say that, in 2 days, there will always be op to open the skull and remove the blood clot inside. Upon opening the skull and revealing the brain, it is already edematous, swelled like there is something occupying the brain. =(

That’s why my friend, we should be extra cautious when we are travellling by any means of transportation.

Till then..


The Reality of Work

Hi fellow friends!

It had been a long time since I last updated here. Being a worker is so full of responsibility, when you are dealing with people.

A student’s life is sooo relaxing for me. Eventhough medical student has few assessment to face, I really2 miss those moment of being a student. Now, being a junior doctor is so challenging, both physically and mentally.

Currently I’m in second posting which is surgery. The previous one was pediatrics. Now I’m missing those babies very much. I feel like going to NICU and pay them a visit.

This current posting is a surgical based posting. We have to know how to scrub for the operation. And it will be done at anytime, especially emergency cases.

Moreover, most of our time is in the hospital. Even my father also quite surprised with me. I once told him that, during night shift, I have to work for more than 24 hours. That means, going for work in the morning, and return home tomorrow afternoon. It was so mental-challenging.

Nah, that’s medical life. There’s no turning back. If others can do it, why can’t we ourselves?

It’s all reflect on how we see things and how we interpret it. Life is not easy. Working also not that simple. What is more crucial, is we enjoy our work full-heartedly. Isn’t it?

A new phase of life

And finally I chose Paediatrics as my first posting. It’s quite tough to make the decision on which department to start with. Every department got their pros and cons, so we have to choose it properly.

They say that paeds people treat first poster very well. Maybe because we are still new in the department and needs time for adaptation.

Today is the last day of orientation. That marks the last day of our freedom as after this, we have to separate and work as a junior houseman. Tough days and weeks are waiting for us. Huhu

So I’ve seen the schedule and my job will be in the NICU (neonatal ICU). It’s going to be a new experience for me and I really hope that I can finish the work faster.

Ok till then.


P/s : Need to revise a lot la..it’s not easy to handle the baby although they all look the same.. =)

Pavlova is very delicious, but….

Hye readers!

It was so scary to see so many patients having diabetes and hypertension in the clinic or any health institution nowadays. Both are the most common diseases which prevail around the globe.

It is a world problem actually, which affects so many people in the community. The root cause of this worrying phenomenon, is from the u unhealthy lifestyle years and years ago.

The main cause of this comes from the bad eating habit as if we can afford all of it. We choose to consume most of the food and dessert and all without any restriction. This is so not advisable as far as our health concerns

The most scariest part is even younger people, let say in his/her 30s, are also affected by both diseases. This is a warning for us to re-evaluate ourself and make the wise call for the sake of our future.

It is very sad to hear that some of the patients need to be amputated due to uncontrolled diabetes. Then, days after that, someone was telling us Mr. C got admitted due to acute attack of stroke. I wonder how their relatives would react upon these shocking news.

That’s why, we have to start taking care of ourselves from now on. We should change our lifestyle to a better one. Our eating habit also must be changed as it is a major cause of diseases.

We can prevent it to happen. We muat do it. If and only if, we wanna live for a longer period of time.