نافع لغيره – BeNeFiCiaL tO OthErS


Pavlova is very delicious, but….

Hye readers!

It was so scary to see so many patients having diabetes and hypertension in the clinic or any health institution nowadays. Both are the most common diseases which prevail around the globe.

It is a world problem actually, which affects so many people in the community. The root cause of this worrying phenomenon, is from the u unhealthy lifestyle years and years ago.

The main cause of this comes from the bad eating habit as if we can afford all of it. We choose to consume most of the food and dessert and all without any restriction. This is so not advisable as far as our health concerns

The most scariest part is even younger people, let say in his/her 30s, are also affected by both diseases. This is a warning for us to re-evaluate ourself and make the wise call for the sake of our future.

It is very sad to hear that some of the patients need to be amputated due to uncontrolled diabetes. Then, days after that, someone was telling us Mr. C got admitted due to acute attack of stroke. I wonder how their relatives would react upon these shocking news.

That’s why, we have to start taking care of ourselves from now on. We should change our lifestyle to a better one. Our eating habit also must be changed as it is a major cause of diseases.

We can prevent it to happen. We muat do it. If and only if, we wanna live for a longer period of time.


Tough years, job ahead

Hye, what’s up everyone?

I’m sorry for a long silence since my last update here. It had been a long vacation for me before I start the job in the hospital soon.

It’s like a dream comes true when finally I’ll become one of the worker in the civil service sector. It is not a college life anymore. This is a real test for me to work and deal with people which has 1001 kind of attitude.

What I’ve shared here before this concerning my routine work in the hospital in Karad during my internship year, was still not enough to tell you all the complete job of a junior doctor. I think, it is around 20% only from the total workload available.

But still, we learned a lot during the period as we can attend the ward round and see seniors doing procedures in the ward. Learning is a continuous process lifelong right?

I’m not that perfect eventhough I knew how to perform some basic procedures, like in the previous posts. I still need to practise everyday to get the experience and bring no harm to the patient. Have the knowledge is one thing. Got the nerve to apply it is one different thing also.

Attitude, that is the important value that we as medical practitioner should take good care of. These days, one who is brilliant and genius and whatsoever, is not respected if his/her attitude is zero or negative. That was said by one of my senior. What the people care today is an excellent attitude and relationship with other people.

This profession requires someone who are willing to work diligently as a teamwork. We cannot work alone and say that I’m superior than him or her. Everyone should help and support each other. That’s why, to gain respect, respect others first.

I really hope that I can do better as this is the job that I really enjoy doing it. The real challenge is starting soon. I’ve to prepare both physical and mental as tough years are waiting for me ahead…

Quitting the Tourist Mode

It had been a month since I left Karad for good and be back home, in my beloved country. Yesterday’s dream has turned into a reality today. Karad had taught me so many valuable lessons on how to be a grateful person.
Before this, few thoughts come into my mind on how will I survive the post-undergraduate life. And right now, I am living that kind of life which is the most important period of my career.

Currently, I am enjoying the holiday at home before getting to work in a couple of months ahead. I am planning to work as soon as possible, as I still remember what I’ve learnt during my internship. Some friends said that, take a rest for while because, we will not get enough time for holiday once we are getting hired. It’s very true actually.

This period of time is like honeymoon, but still something should be done to maximize the quality of time. Till today, I still don’t know whether I had used the time wisely or not. Next time onwards, I have to make some revision to recollect what I’ve learnt so far. Learning won’t stop till we die rite?

I asked my batchmate what they did during this time. Most of us just relaxing our mind at home and give a hand to the parents and siblings. This is a noble thing to do as we had been studying far away from them for a long period of time.

Although it is the same routine day to day, I feel happy and relieved to help my family. To be able to take care of them, it is a blessing. I don’t know what is my fate in the future. As long as I am in a good health, I will give my best to my family and whoever in need.

Till then, have a good day and do take care of yourselves….

Auf Wiedersehen!

The Graduation Day

Halo there!

It has been a long time since my last post here. Really sorry for the long silence without any new updates till now. Just now, when I signed in into this blog, a notification appeared and it has been 2 years already since I joined WordPress family. =) How time flies…

Recently, last week to be precise, I had my graduation ceremony here in our university. It was a simple one to be frank, but still I was proud to wear the convocation robe on that day. After almost 6 years of study plus hardship and struggle, we finished our journey here, and got our degree. We are recognized as MBBS degree holder at last. It was a very competitive route seriously, with ups and downs. It was an unforgettable and lifelong experience for me.

Thanks to all who had helped and prayed for our success.

Our Batch..

Our Batch..

Next plan?

Hmm, after this, going back to Malaysia for good. Gonna miss this country, its delicacies, its people, its culture as well. I really don’t know when I’ll come back here after this.

2 more years internship is waiting ahead of me. I really hope that I can do a lot better during that period. I still feel that I lack the practical work and experience during those 1 year internship before this. There were a few procedures that I didn’t get a chance to perform. huhu

Hopefully, the new work environment after this will be conducive for me to give my service to the people out there.

Till then readers, bye!


2 weeks passed already since I ‘retired’ from my duty in the hospital. Yap, I already finished the internship training and currently, I am unemployed. So, those who wanna offer me job, you are welcomed to do so..Hehe.. juz kidding yo..

Our last duty was in the Obstetric and Gynecology department. It was OPD (clinics) where we had to take the history and fill the investigation forms and so on.

It was a mixed feeling indeed, on the last day of the training.

To be able to accomplish the tasks given, it was a joyous moment. To know that you are leaving the place as well as the lecturers and friends there, ermmm it was kinda hard to accept the facts.

But, still life must go on. The newer and fresher batch is coming and replacing us. They have the right to learn and work. We have to pass the baton to them so that they may run like us and experience our experiences. Haha.

Till then, sayonara!

“Doctor, I want Caesar…”

I thought I was lucky last week when the senior asked me to go to the operation theatre (OT) as Caesarean section was scheduled for that day. This is my chance to observe the operation as close as possible. There were 2 patients in the ward who were posted for C-section. After checking their condition, the senior decided that the mothers should be transferred to the OT upstairs immediately.

To decide which patient is going for operation, it is not an easy task to do. It requires lots of experience to manage such patient, especially the care of pregnant woman at term because we deal with 2 precious lives here.

The most common reason for C-section is breech presentation of the baby. That means, the lower limb of the baby is engaged in the lower uterine segment. In this situation, the normal vaginal delivery should be avoided and should not be attempted.

In our hospital, any pregnant woman who is going for operation (C-section)  should be given :

  1. Injection Rantac (ranitidine) – a H2 receptor blocker to increase the pH of the stomach.
  2. Injection Reglan (metoclopramide) – this is an anti-vomiting medication. It acts by increasing the tone of lower oesophageal sphincter
  3. Injection Taxim/Cefazoline – an antibiotic, to prevent infection.


The IV cannula is also set up so that colloids can be given to the patient intravenously. This maintains the hydration status as well as the minerals of the patient throughout the operation.

Foley’s catheter is inserted also to help the voiding of the urine. Delivery of the baby would be much easier. This may also avoid injury to the urinary bladder during the operation.

Some of the patient asks for c-section whenever they cannot bear the pain of the normal delivery. They thought  that operation is the only choice to alleviate the intense pain. The truth is, a strict care should be given to the woman post-operatively, compared to those who deliver the baby normally, without any surgical intervention.

For those who have past history of c-section in the previous delivery, they should not be advised to have normal vaginal delivery. OR, there will be a risk of uterine rupture and consequently the patient end up with the uterus being removed (hysterectomy).

I personally think that, those who work in the maternity ward must have good control of emotion to manage any emergency situation. Why? As the delivery time is so unpredictable, it can happen anytime and anywhere also.

That’s why when the baby is delivered, I think the one conducting the delivery is so fortunate to bring one life to this world. I am so jealous with them and hope one day, I can be just like them…

In The Labour Room

A hospital is equipped with facilities to make sure that people get the best and safe treatment there. If emergency cases happen, it can be managed appropriately. At least, complications that may arise can be prevented and the prognosis of the patient will be better.

If a pregnant woman choose to deliver her baby at home, I think it is an unwise decision when there is none of any medical personnel accompanying the mother-to-be at home. It is a scary situation when only “so-called obstetrician” who barely know about the labour process and the possible risks, act like they have the expertise for years already.

Even for me myself, I feel that this delivery thing is not as simple as withdrawing someone’s blood, it requires a lot of practices as it involves 2 precious lives : the mother’s as well as the baby’s.

After weeks of this OBG posting, I think I enjoyed the work in the ward so much. There are plenty of things to do, although it was just an observation. Eventhough initially I felt a bit lazy, going through it with your colleagues who also have the same enthusiasm may boost your energy and motivate you.

As time passes, I got the chance to assist a normal delivery on my own. I mean full assistant. We were witnessing a delivery in the labour room (suturing of the episiotomy wound was remaining) that morning, when suddenly 2 pregnant women were transferred into the labour room. The environment became so tense. Everybody was shouting.

I looked at my friend beside me, signalling whether we should change or what. He also didn’t have any idea. We were in shocked actually..haha.. Then we decided that we must get prepared at once as we had to assist the senior doctor.

I went to the basin and washed my hand. At the same time, I glanced towards one of the patient who was pushing to her limit. The head of the baby already came out! I could see the face of the baby. One of our senior hold the baby’s head and pull him out. Then, she handed the newborn to the paediatrician. One patient settled already.

After preparing myself, I stayed beside the senior who was waiting to deliver the next baby. Episiotomy was done after few minutes of waiting. The mother was asked to bear down, when finally the baby was delivered safely. I clamped the umbilical cord and cut it. And what makes my day was that I became full assisstant for that delivery. How awesome is that! It was such a heart-pounding experience to deal with the newborn. But it is worth an experience.

To see the baby being born to this world, is a great moment. When the mother was shown their baby, they must be the happiest person in the labour room. They smiled and felt relieved after so much hardship beforehand.

We should be thankful to our parents who raised us all this while till we became what we are now. One thing that all of us can do is, keep praying for their health wherever we are, and whoever we are. That is the proof that we are still remembering them in our life.

Peace.. (“,)